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Whether you are a property manager, HOA, or business owner, curb appeal is paramount to success in any industry. Your clients and guests deserve a top quality product and what better way to provide that than install asphalt the right way, the first time. Repairing poorly installed asphalt can not only be a costly endeavor, but an inconvenience for tenants, guests, and owners. Crown Paving, LLC in Charlotte, NC can handle this aspect of property management for you. Our asphalt parking lot paving pros know how to create a stylish, neat lot for your property.

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Completing your installation correctly

Do you need asphalt installation services for your neighborhood? We serve subdivisions, HOAs, commercial properties and more. If you choose our team, we'll:

  • Grading of new parking lots
  • roadways and driveways
  • Stone installation
  • Intermediate and Surface Course Asphalt Installation
  • Strictly DOT approved materials, practices, and procedures.

We use high-quality stone, binder and surface materials to create a sturdy and neat final product. We also take the time to grade land with care to ensure proper drainage and prevent any potential cracking or damage. Meet with our owner today if you have any questions about our asphalt parking lot paving services.