Create Clear Lines on Your Lot

We offer parking lot striping and asphalt paving services in Charlotte, NC

Clear, easily visible lines are essential for any parking lot. If you need asphalt striping services for your lot, Crown Paving, LLC in Charlotte, NC is the company for you. Our flexible team can work on your parking lot at any time to avoid interrupting your day, and we always use high-quality, DOT-approved paint.

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parking lot striping service charlotte, nc

The benefits of hiring our professionals

When you need to find a parking lot striping pro, don't look any further than us. Our customers rely on us because we:

  • Offer flexible scheduling
  • Use DOT-approved paint
  • Check that every lot follows ADA code for signage

With our flexible scheduling options, you won't have to close down your lot or turn away business because you're having your parking lot worked on. We've worked with high-volume restaurants and businesses without having to interrupt their services. Speak to a team member today for asphalt striping services.

Why do you need parking lot striping services?

As soon as you get asphalt paving services from Crown Paving, make sure you set up parking lot striping services as well. Our team will do the job correctly so you can:

  • Ensure that your parking lot is safe and easy to navigate
  • Maximize the amount of space in your parking lot
  • Keep your parking lot up-to-date with local safety codes

Your parking lot in Charlotte, NC has the potential to be a safer, more organized space. All you need is asphalt paving and parking lot striping services from our experienced team.